another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 2 May 2010

bevel racer.

ducati supermono concept bike, brilliant, love it.

ts250, original engine discarded and a dirty, oil dripping triumph rammed in it's place, what were they thinking of?

last match of the championship season, cardiff at home, 1pm kick off so bus into derby, walk to the vic for opening time at twelve, couple of pints and a cob with the lads and walk up to pride park, loads of o.b about, they have bought a decent following with them, lots of fancy dress and them chanting about going to wembley, no chance, they are a very average side, they let us know they are from wales, we let them know we are from england....

cardiff are in the play-offs and we finish the season in 14th place, we looked the better team, saul deeney our reserve keeper had one save to tip over the bar, we won two-nil, final whistle and the rams fans are onto the pitch despite the best efforts of the derbyshire constabulary to keep them at bay, the helicopter is hovering overhead and the derby boys are doing their best to get the cardiff crew to join them on the pitch, the o.b bring on the dogs and we drift off to the vic for a couple of pints, another season put to bed.