another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 28 December 2009

draft of loveless engineering stickers, coming soon, various colours, their about the same size as an arai sticker, please comment me and let me know your address and i will get them in the post as soon as i receive them back from the printers, their free, it's just some blatant self promotion, no excuses, i'm just trying to get the word out there, thanks for your support.

kreidler/van veen 50cc racer, bet that twin-leader brake in the front would get your attention, looks like the little skinny forks would snap in half if you hit the brakes, that is if the front tyre didn't give way first, i would love to have this bike in my front room, chuck the telly out and just sit and look at this instead.

wayne gardner with the moriwaki kawasaki, was it really a good idea in the eighties to mount the twin front brake calipers off the front of the fork-legs rather than behind?, surely, it's better engineering practice to mount them behind?, perhaps it was to improve cooling but every time i see this configuration i just think of the bolts shearing off as you grab a handfull of front brake, check out the angle of the shock's, must have been like riding a rigid, love the skinny little swingarm, the lush four into one pipe, rg500 front mudguard and z1r tank, the photo must have been taken in england because wayne hasn't got any corks hanging on bit's of string off his hat.

angel nieto, 50cc derbi.