another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 June 2009

tonight, i'm listening to sly and the family stone.

norton single knocker, brooklands?, i wind dave up about this photo, i reckon it's him, mind you he did come third in the wirral 100 250cc championship at cadwell park in 1964, i know this because he gave me the shield he got for doing it, big up respect, he did it on a 250cc single ducati, he's still fast today on his ducati sport classic. respect due dave, thanks for the shield.

barse, [standing on shovel tank] and kev, le-rock rally 2008, only two weeks 'til le-rock rally 2009, oh dear, i really need a headache again like sunday morning last year, riding home on rigid chop, open face helmet, no waterproofs and torrential rain, converse high-tops burning on the pipes and one lens in my cool-as yellow shades...................can't wait!

well-cool bmw racer, frame looks standars with steering head to swingarm bracing added to stop flex, mono-shock suspension is home brewed as is the seat subframe, [can't tell if this is welded on or bolt -on as standard?], motor is probably 500cc, it's the earlier oh pushrod engine, love the drilled clutch housing and deep sump, the high level pipes work for me too, front brake?, i reckon it could be early 750 suzuki kettle? or mega expensive magnesium fontana replica.