another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 20 February 2010

"the triumphs and the harleys were pretty well matched in '67 but 1968 was the year that harley davidson raised their game, triumph rider gary nixon was less than pleased, we were running 135mph and the harleys were running 150, i told them they needed to put a mirror on the fuckers so i could see which side they were going by me"

"what people need to know is that if ever there was a motorcycle racer who was fearless, it was cal rayborn, he always had that great smile, but cal rayborn was a different breed of cat"

cal rayborn, picked up a copy of classic racer magazine on the way home from the match, [got beat one-nil by swansea, bad tempered game, both teams reduced to ten men, swansea played a good game, frustrated the rams into making rash challenges and getting cards, poor officials, ref made a rod for his own back, dishing out cards rather than talking to the players, twat,], me and jack had a pint while waiting for the bus and i started reading the rayborn story, legend.

early start this morning, i was up at the darley moor circuit for my c.t.c [competitor training course], arrived around 0830hours, darley moor is a god-forsaken place even in summer, today it was freezing, about thirty of us huddled in what i can best describe as a barn, two little propane heaters did nothing to warm the vast space, cup of tea and two biscuits and down to business, multi choice question paper at the end, got my c.t.c certificate signed off, got to post it to bemsee for stamping, they send it off to the acu and licence should follow soon.