another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 March 2016

northern soul

not a ducati tt replica

screen finally mounted, i cannot express the frustration with something that on the surface should be a twenty minute job but instead turns into a bloody ordeal. seat and fairing at the painters for a dose of matt black. decided not to ask a mate this time. rather go somewhere else and just be a paying customer instead. saves a lot of embarrasing 'uum's and 'arr's' when you eventually get the job back and it's a half-cocked job that i have to spend hours wet and drying back to achieve a half-decent finish. ask a mate and you can't really say 'sorry, it really doesn't meet my obssesive compulsive disorder for finish mucker' instead, i've finally decided that anything outside my control will now have to go through 'official' channels. in other word's,  'not good enough, get it fucking sorted!'  everyone know's where they stand. harsh? no not really. i expect certain standards, if you are paying hard-earned for a decent job that's what i want, is that really too much to expect?