another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 3 May 2010

cafe racer.

my bmw cafe racer, strange but true, i posted the photo of barse and me on my beemer at the heart of england mag rally and mentioned that a french bloke had bought the bike, i'm out walking the dogs and my phone rings, the bloke who bought my bike turns out not to be french but an englishman called jim binns who actually lives in france, jim sent me a letter asking for some background on the bike, i phoned him a couple of times and left messages but he never got in touch, [due to getting a new phone], he was having a sort out one day, found old phone and listened to his messages and found my reply, so, here's the skinny, the bike is still 800cc, oversquare so revs like a bastard, it's twin-plugged with dyna coils and magnecor racing leads, the pistons are wiseco, the heads are ported and gas flowed, the squish band altered, the crank is lightened to aid rev's, the air box is modified, the induction horns cut back and knife-edged, four inch and a quarter holes drilled in the lid, lots of modded bmw's run open bellmouths or k+n individual filters but think about the layout of the boxer engine, the air is warmed as it passes over the heads and cylinders of the engine and is sucked back into the motor, first rule of tuning, induction air should be cool and still, hence the airbox, the pipes i copied off my norton commando, the ignition is boyer-brandsen, clutch is lightened but standard plates, the wiring is one off, as is the rear subframe, standard big fuel tank but with a rickman mettise cutdown seat, front mudguard is my favourite rg500 copy with the sides cut out and mounted to a drilled out standard mudguard, headlight is an lc350 pattern part, back light is one of those m+p twin tail+brake cheapo' combo's, paintwork was done by a local scooterboy as a foreigner, [i was running a couple of vespa px 200's at this time so had a foot in both camps], all the fasteners are stainless,the rear shocks are koni 'dial-a-ride's', heavy duty fork springs with pre-load spacers, loved this bike but i just reached the end of developing it without spoiling it, jim say's i have first refusal on it if he get's fed up with it.................................................

barse's shovel, this bastard has a few stories to tell that's for sure, we rebuilt the primary drive and clutch in a mcdonalds carpark in telford in the rain on our way to wales, it's been shoe-horned into a ridgid frame, sporty tank and sky-high apes with a rattle can net curtain spray job, barse got pissed off with it and gave it his dad gordy who rammed it back into the swingarm frame, gordy got pissed off with it and wheeled it back next-door-but one to barse's, oi, you better cut down on those 'fish suppers' mate, you need to get fit for all that kicking you'll be doing!

honda rs250rw, you forget how uncompromising a race bike is until you see them in the flesh, no lights, no speedo, no numberplates or stands, no carbon fibre tax disc holders or padding on the seat, just a raw machine, made to go fast, that's it.

had a run up to darley moor this afternoon, third round of the club championship, always go up after 2pm and you can get in for nowt, collected dangerous on the way, managed to prise him away from his tartan blanket, mug of cocoa and copy of 'motorcaravan monthly', it doesn't matter what time of year you go to darley it's always bloody freezing, there's always something interesting to look at or someone to have the crack with, got talking to a lad with a 675 triumph racer, he had bought it for 6k with a supposedly race engine, yeah, a shagged race engine with all the trick bits taken out and road parts fitted to it, he had it on the dyno and he was 16 bhp down on a standard engine, no money left to tune it so scored a newish engine off ebay and slotted it in, 16bhp up on the 'race' engine = two third places this afternoon.

well prepared little triumph 675 in the pits, started looking around it and noticed some additional hoses running to a lever on the right-hand clip-on, thought it may be some sort of thumb-brake for the rear brake but the rear brake lever was still fitted, then i noticed that the clutch lever was missing, it all made sense when i saw the bike in action, the rider was missing his left arm from the shoulder, didn't seem to hamper him very much, he came home in fourth position, big respect due mate.