another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 3 October 2010

we blew the doors didn't we?
pissed in their champagne
and we did a real thing didn't we?
gave ourseves a name
and peeled away the shame
i wanted to explode
to pull my ribs apart
and let the sun inside,
red stain blossoms
and all you have is kisses
and when the sunshines,
throwin'me a lifeline
find's it way into my room, all i need is you....
sunday, weather is absolute pants, i wake up at normal 'workday' time, 5am, get up, have a slash, the rain is relentless, back to bed, the dogs appear as if by magic, snuggling under the covers,warm fur against warm flesh, i drift off into sleep, trish and i do that married couple thing of pretending to be asleep so we don't have to get up and mash, i crack, up at 0700 hours, i pass her a mug of tea and we lie in bed listening to the rain, i unlock the shed and listen to radio four while i drink my tea, breakfast, shower and shave and mucker turns up in the works van, me, jack and steve get the 'zed off the bench and strap it down in the van for it's short journey to mfn, we unload the bike and ammo show's us where to park up, there's some lovely bikes here, the bmw racer, gixer endurance racer, some nice cafe racers, mint 350 manx, goldie, [single cylinder bsa, not the ex-drum and bass dj or dog off blue peter], ace jawa speedway bike, barse's shovel, kev's buell engined 'green meanie' sporty based special, it's a real shame that more people didn't turn up to support it, your loss i suppose, as we got the bike out into the carpark to load it into the van the sun made an appearance and the rain stopped.