another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Classic TT / Manx GP

Well, where do I start? No photo's I'm afraid due to my ancient desk-top crashing again and my equally ancient Sony Cybershot being the only camera on earth that's not compatible with the Apple operating system, so, here we go, as soon as I can re- boot the old girl, but, i'll get some photos up, until then, i'm afraid it's my drivel and no visual stimulation of the delights from the Mecca that is the Isle of Man, after a fitful nights sleep due to the same excitement experienced by a five year old on Christmas Eve, I was awake well before my alarm went off at stupid o' clock, shower, shave and tea and a toast, Gus joins me in the garden, it's dark but warm and he jumps up onto my lap, more cupboard love than real affection as he covets my hot, buttered toast, suddenly, he's gone, launching off my knee into the darkness, a Jack Russell on a mission, killing the the only thing on his mind, terrier instinct,the security lights kick in and I can just catch a glimpse of him fighting something in one of the bushes, I chase up the garden and try and flush him out, next thing he emerges from the bush, a dark shape in his jaw's, he's doing the terrier-death-shake-thing, I can't tell what it is but pray it isn't a ratashe dodges me with a drop of his shoulder like a seasoned footballer and runs straight between my legs, up the stairs and deposits his prey on our bed much to the delight of Mr's B, ( who, truth be told, isn't a 'morning person') I eventually arrive, breathless to discover Mr's B uttering 'what the fffffk!' Ted, my other J.R. Snarling and joining in with the party and the Legend Gus, blood and snot and hedgehog quill's sticking out of his face, his eyes half closed from the damage he's sustained in the frantic attack, I grab a towel and pick up the unfortunate hedge hog and take him out of the house and across into the field beyond our house,I gently unwrap him and after a few moments he uncurls and walks away into the hedgerow,
Meanwhile, my daughterJess arrives home after a night-shift and sets off the smoke alarm whilst making toast, deep joy, me and the girl Jess are trying to stifle our guffaw's as I relay the hedgehog incident, only one thing to do now, let's fire up the carbon, race canned Ducati twin and really fuck the neighbours off, bloody-fucking-hell, i'm almost embarrassed how loud this thing is, (for a nanno-second, most of the tosser's who live here are Johnny-Come-Lately's who wouldn't have considered living here when it was an old mining village but then, all of a sudden, a residence, rural with good metropolitan road access became desirable) anyhoo, I'm away, the big Duc coughing and spluttering on half-choke, I'm watching the temperature gauge, drop down onto the A6, down to the Triangle and onto the Ashbourne road, I know this road like the back of my hand, it's pitch black and the big Ducati isn't happy below three- thousand in the R.P.M, I'm struggling at thirty and forty miles per mile, be rude not too really, there's nothing on the road, the temperature gauge indicates we are good to go, I wind it on, twice the legal limit and then some, the exhaust note bouncing off the cottages, I bet the residents are loving it too, the sound of a big twin on race pipes before dawn, I get sucked in, there's just something so special about riding a bike, pre-dawn, on your own, I don't need the brakes,just rolling on and off the throttle, revelling in the sound of the pipes and un-restrictive air box with the k and n filter, mmmbahhh, mmmbahhhh.......

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hey Ho, Let's Go

So, 32 years after my last visit to the Island, (I know I said 31 the other day but I've never been any good at math's, 1981, the year of the infamous Honda 'black protest', a world wide audience watch the marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles, the Toxteth riots, Buck's Fizz 'Making Your Mind Up' hits number one, Arthur Scargill is President elect of the National Union of Mine Workers and a twenty-two year old Timmy Loveless drops his Suzuki GS 1000 Suzuki on gravel on the way to work one morning a week before the T.T and a fortnight after almost writing off his G.S 750 whilst racing on the roads with Vinny Adams near Foremark Reservoir, a typical left hander accident, tipping it in, oh fuck, too fast, pegs grinding, exhaust down, Karl (Vinny's brother riding pillion with me bails out and a catch sight of him disappearing into the ditch on the right hand side of the road just before I join him along with 500lbs of motorcycle which hit's me squarely in the back before somersaulting out of the ditch, over Karl and me and end-overing into the field beyond, Deep Joy, anyway, the Ducati gets the nod over the Sporty for the simple facts, that I'm away at 0400 hrs, it doesn't get light until 0558 hours and I need decent lights, I'm riding part of the way on the infamous M6 motorway, probably the busiest motorway in Northern Britain so indicators are good and the clincher is the fact that the Ducati has a big tank and the Sporty has a very, very small tank meaning I'd have had to stop and find fuel every 50 miles, or three times on the journey to Liverpool, don't get me wrong, if I'm meandering around the countryside stopping for fuel isn't a problem, when you only have a couple of hours to make a ferry it is, so there it is, magnetic tank bag on and ready to go, that's all folk's, no post's for a week, take care everyone, see you on the other side..........

Location:chained tothe mirror and the razor blade, (what's the story, morning glory)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

classic tt 2013

after the manx weather got the better of the first practice session, the newcomers were first out on a speed controlled lap following the the experienced tt and manx gp runners, the classics followed afterwards with john mcguiness out on the paton, resplendent in black leathers and black helmet proudly showing the red rose of some little county called 'lancashire?' [could be worse i suppose and he could have been wearing the white rose of that almost insignificant county of 'yorkshire' or as the the locals call it 'yaaarkshure'] well, my work here is done, i reckon i've managed to upset our 'neighbours' and not-really-neighbours- really on all count's, two days 'til my manx adventure starts, i'm buzzing me...........

Sunday, 18 August 2013

mum and dad

my mum's birthday today, 84 years old, here's a photo from way-back-in-the-day of my mum and dad, my old man, recently de-mobbed from the services after WW2, he came out an Army boxing champion, proper hard bastard, saw action in europe and the far east, he moved a lorry to clear the beach-head in normandy after the driver got killed only to be blown clean through the roof of the truck and sustaining serious burns to his body after sustaining a direct hit from enemy fire, i can remember him picking pieces of shrapnel out of his body with a needle when i was a kid, he never grew body-hair on the left of his body afterwards, [strange but true, neither do i, what the fuck?] sent back to dear old blighty to recover and eight week's later he was on a boat to japan, my old man was born into poverty, he wore his sisters sandals to school and the kid's used to stick their fingers into the holes in his short's, his dad, my grand-dad, was an ex-derby county player who suffered a really badly broken leg which they didn't re-set properly and he ended up crippled from an early age, my dad and his sisters looked after the old boy, i can remember my dad telling me his army days were the best days of his life, three squares a day, friendship and serving your country, my dad was never a 'cuddly' bloke, just an old school, proper dad, hard working and someone a kid could look up to, he alway's played down his role in the war but for me the german 'gott mit uns' belt buckle he swapped a german P.O.W for a cigarette who surrended to my dad after a ferocious battle summed him up,  hard but fair, Mavis Bailey, my mum, happy birthday, love you,  Ernest Edward Bailey, my dad, love you too.........

Saturday, 17 August 2013

classic tt races

to say i'm excited would be a bit of an understatement, thirty-one years since my last visit to the mecca of road-racing  that is the isle of man and all of a sudden it's approaching really fast, it seemed like an age ago back in february when i booked my ferry tickets, but, now it's less than a week away and i cannot wait to get over there, dangerous, chalky and sweary mick are sailing the day before on thursday, due to lack of annual leave and work commitments i'm going next friday morning on the first sailing from liverpool, it's going to be an early start, got to be up at 0300hrs, hopefully away just before four in the am, sailings at 0645 hrs which should get me onto the island for around 1030hours, now, do i go on the sporty or the ducati?..............

Friday, 16 August 2013

drunks, lovers, sinners and saints

 oh yeah, while we were down in welsh wales we met up with the legend that is mr des davies and stuck his ducati 350cc single race bike project in the van, des's instructions?, 'do what you want with it boyo' hello mr ducati, meet mr hacksaw............[cue manic laughing, like an old hammer movie, if you are my age you know what i mean, 'ha, hah, hhhhhaaaahhhh.............']

donington classic festival-part four

'ey up dangerous dave, i've had an idea' 'prey tell then timmy loveless, what idea do you have forsooth?' 'let's cut up both of sweary mick's aermacchi singles and make a twin out of them' 'timmy, you really are a blithering idiot sometimes, it's already been done, lino tonti, the famous italian designer responsible for benelli's, mondials, gilera's and bianchi's has already done it, he made a bike out of mostly stock aermacchi parts for the top-end with a one-off bottom end, realistically two singles twinned to give around 68 bhp @ nine thousand-thousand-eight-hundred revolutions-in-the-minute, a brilliant concept back in the day young lovey, what you saying?' 'fancy an ice cream dave?' 'don't mind if i do, two-flakes, raspberry sauce and chopped nuts on mine youth and by the way, read up on your italian race bike history, dickhead...........'

Thursday, 15 August 2013

donington classic festival-part three

13 photos, 13 reasons why you have to go to the classic festival at donington park next year........

Monday, 12 August 2013

donington classic festival - part two

 there's exotic motorcycles and there's exotic, rare, racing motorcycles, i really couldn't believe my eyes at the standard of machines on show at donington park, the honda sixes, not one but two, are a brace of the george beale replica's re-made a good few years ago now, i can remember that they were offered up for sale at 100k a piece back then so what would they be worth now? these machines are not to be confused with the popular little baby 250 fireblade engined replicas, these are exact replicas of the works racers, an incredible engineering achievment and they sounded fantastic, the #10 bike is a genuine 250/4 works honda, the fairing is hand beaten aluminium and is a work of art, work's moto morini? mondial? , yep, they were there, as was ivan rhodes velocette the famous 'roarer', sammy miller had the moto guzzi v8 and the truly gorgeous 500 v-twin 'bicilindrica' on show, modern machinery was well represented too with everything from the ex- loris capirossi desmosedici ducati and something for the two-stroke smoker fans in the shape of an immaculate 'marlboro' yamaha, the great thing about this weekend was the fact that the bikes were being ridden around the track instead of them just being in a static show, i believe that's where they should be, out on the race track so you can hear them, smell the oil ,fumes and rubber and see them moving fluidly, after all, isn't that what it's all about?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

donington classic festival - part one

 just back from the classic racing festival at donington park, what a brilliant day, held over three days, unfortunately i could only make today due to picking up the ducati on friday, returning the van and domestic's on saturday and to tell you the truth i was too knackered to go yesterday afternoon so spent that drinking tea, poking the ducati's [now then, that's got you wondering hasn't it?  i've only posted pictures of the 900ss, there's another one sitting up on the bench too] anyway, a proper 'family' day out today, sweary, chalky, dangerous, stu and yours truly had a blast, loads of exotica and pictures to follow, stay tuned race fan's, here's a little teaser for you, george formby and the 'shuttleworth snap' from the classic film about the tt races 'no limit' and then there's our dangerous assaulting eight times world champion phil read and trying to steal his leathers, you really couldn't make it up, planet loveless, orbiting a different sun.........

Saturday, 10 August 2013

since i lost my head, it's awl-right.....

no suprises there then, i've been 'telegraphing' for the past week or so, the new addition to the loveless stable, air-cooled, twin cylinder, carbureted , 900cc ducati loveliness, totally un-molested bar carbon slip-on's, k+n airfilter, dynojet kit and oberon  mastercylinder, [complete with a dodgy red goodrich hose, excuse me, bile in the throat, soon fuck that off and get something a bit more tasteful] eleven thousand miles from new, brand spanking michelin pilot's, new belt's,  full service history and enthusiast owned, less than 15 miles per year for the last four years and that was only between the mot station for the annual ticket, well worth the 500 mile round trip just for the sound, going to try and keep this one as it is, except for perhaps a sprinkling of stainless and titanium fastener's, thats it except for some carbon doo-dad's, maybe some high level termi's, a 'superlight' seat would look nice, might make some rearsets too, the clip-on's are too high for me, they need to go for sure,  i heard that you can fit the marchesini wheel's off the later model's a piece of piss and lose loads of un-sprung weight, what about a set of 1098 forks and mono-block's? they would look the business, a long lever pazzo brake lever and short clutch lever would be nice too, whatever you do, keep it quiet and don't tell mr's b...........

Friday, 9 August 2013

road trip

 five hundred miles, i've driven five hundred miles today, i've laughed until i nearly cried, spunked over a hundred quid on diesel, dined on egg and cress and salmon and cucumber sanwiches, drank three bottles of water, drank a macdonalds coffee, a macdonalds tea, sang along to the rolling stones, oasis, sister sledge, the small faces, sly and the family stone and jimmy hendrix, eaten home-made jam sponge cake, sang along to lionel ritchie, the clash, some old school rave tunes, smiths, style council, bob marley, bought a bike and picked up a classic race bike along the way, seen some great scenery, sang along to some who, smashing pumpkins, steve hillage and roxy music, public enemy, pixies, paul weller and neneh cherry,pastot tl barrett and the youth for christ choir, days like this make it all worthwhile.....