another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 11 August 2013

donington classic festival - part one

 just back from the classic racing festival at donington park, what a brilliant day, held over three days, unfortunately i could only make today due to picking up the ducati on friday, returning the van and domestic's on saturday and to tell you the truth i was too knackered to go yesterday afternoon so spent that drinking tea, poking the ducati's [now then, that's got you wondering hasn't it?  i've only posted pictures of the 900ss, there's another one sitting up on the bench too] anyway, a proper 'family' day out today, sweary, chalky, dangerous, stu and yours truly had a blast, loads of exotica and pictures to follow, stay tuned race fan's, here's a little teaser for you, george formby and the 'shuttleworth snap' from the classic film about the tt races 'no limit' and then there's our dangerous assaulting eight times world champion phil read and trying to steal his leathers, you really couldn't make it up, planet loveless, orbiting a different sun.........


  1. What the hell are you dribbling about loony boy ?? 'Another' one ??? That photo of Dangerman doing something highly grotesque to poor old Phil is entirely too much, you know I love Formby's rocket mucker . . . there had better be a decent explanation for all of this shit or there'll be trouble . . . different sun you say . . . different bloody galaxy you fool !!! XXX

  2. the young lad with forge formby is freddie sheene!