another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 20 June 2009

my sporty chop.

daily bikepornfix, gettin' kinda squirelly!, proper bike, just enough to make it run, engine, two wheels, frame to hold it all together, miniscule fuel holder, rigid frame, clip-on's, reminds me of one of my bikes?

another stunning shot from the poll tax riots, rastaman versus the law.

igor stimac, rams legend, we got dicked 5-1 by tranmere in his first game, he scored for derby, we did'nt lose another game all season after that and got automatic promotion after beating crystal palace at the old baseball ground.

yep, that's a suzuki rg 500 motor in a lambretta frame, sometimes i think i'm strange, then you find stuff like this, mental.

nun in a gas mask

motorcycle wheels on cars works for me, can you see any form of 'forward motion retention-system interface device'????