another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 23 August 2009

yeah, i know, not a japanese girl with a katana but a redhead with loads of attitude, cool.

me and dangerous called for fuel at melton today and i saw this headline from the local paper, fucking classic!

really cool streetbob at sycamore hd, nice bike.

out with dangerous on the ducati's today, barse texted me early doors to sort ride out and then had to miss out due to tyre problems with the sporty,down through kegworth on the a6, turn left at the lights, through zouch, pace getting quicker as the traffic evaporates and the road clears, down through rempstone to melton, roads are eerily deserted, making 'brisk' progress now, uppingham, 62 miles out and time for a brew, sometimes you just meet someone who has the same values, this guy bought a streetbob after having a few other harleys and decided to make it his own, big respect to someone who starts cutting up a year old bike, we talked about dice magazine and what was really nice, as dave said, was that he commented about our bikes and did'nt just slip into the cooler than thou thing, pleasure to meet you mate.