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Steep Track, Sharp Bend

 Found an old iPod in a drawer today while sorting out some stuff, I stuck it on charge and went about my domestic chores, drank some coffee and stuck bids on Stax records on EBay. I was pleasantly surprised that the olde iPod took the charge so rigged it up to my system via an actual wire lead and stuck it on shuffle. Well, when I say stuck it on shuffle I actually mean I had to work out that it wasn’t actually touchscreen but ‘click wheel’ remember that? How far have we come in such a little time, fuck me, we were grinding corn using a windmill for 700 years and yet I’d actually forgotten that there was an electronic device that wasn’t touchscreen! Anyway, first track that came up was by a forgotten Manchester band called Intastella, a track called ‘People’ It immediately took me back to a pub in Derby called the Garrick, an old mod pub on the Ashbourne Road, me and Barse had originally set out to see a band called Heliotrope, a sort of Levellers / Hawkwind type crossover band that w

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