another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 20 December 2013

girl, you have no faith in medicine

xmas songs, i reckon the pogues, 'fairytale of new york' is the best ever, love this song, bring's a tear my eye every time, fucking brilliant, heard it for the first time this year today in the shed, anyway, enough of all that sentimental old bollocks, let's talk about stuff that really matters, mounted the big, ugly horn under the tank, out of the way, never to be seen again, turned up a little spacer out of a scrap of round stock that i found in the lathe bed, lets talk  headlight brackets, i had originally dismissed the big, chrome, stock headlamp, it was heading for one of the big, blue, plastic storage bin's in my ma's shed, never to be seen again and replaced with what? yeah, another cheapo 'bates' copy that i fit to almost, [ok, ok, every bike i build], a quick search on the 'tinterweb reveals a hundred and one alternative headlight mounting bracket's, all of them servicable, but, well, fucking ugly really, dig out some 50mm aluminium round stock, perfect, the fork leg diameter is 41mm, turn up a plug gauge to replicate the dia. of the forks so we have something to work to, a mountain of swarf hit's the shed floor, i'm not fussed, weighed in a couple of bags of turnings at my favourite scrap merchant's and swapped the moneytary value for used, servicable stock, like the man said, 'what goes around comes around' or, 're-cycling' i suppose, handmade parts, it's the way forward, inbetween all this, i've finished the cam cover, i have no fingerprints left, i've rubbed them away with endless pieces of 'wet and dry' [wet of course, with a squirt of 'fairy liquid' in the mix], all to a xmas soundtrack on the radio, mariah carey, 'all i want for xmas is you', sexy, george and andrew singing 'last christmas', mud, 'it'll be lonely this xmas', [who can forget les singing the last verse 'merry christmas darling, wherever you are' cracks me up everytime] a close second must be the darkness 'christmas time' [don't let the bell's end], brilliant, which brings us full circle, the pogues, best xmas song ever i reckon, 'it was christmas eve in the drunk tank......'