another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 21 November 2009

welcome to heartbreak.

been doing loads of research this week, looking for wheels for the racer project, they have to be 17 inchers so we can fit slicks, intermediates or wets and 2.5 front and 3.5 rear, most mz racers use yamaha tzr 125rr wheels, you have to reverse the rear and run it backwards which looks a bit strange due to the chain run being on the right but they are getting a bit rare now, so me being me, i wanted to try and find some wheels which were symmetrical, these beauty's fitted the bill perfectly, found them on e-bay, bloke selling them lives in congleton, an hour's drive away but before me and dangerous set off we nip down to pick up the race seat from racing lines in derby, the owner is a guy called rob who is one of the most helpful people you could ever wish to meet, he did a really good deal for me on the seat and showed genuine interest in the racer project, we were having a chat about my plans for the bike and i mentioned that we were going to pick up some wheels when we left, 'ive got a spare front if you want it', rob says, 'how much do you want for it?' says me, 'give us fifteen quid', says rob, which is how we ended up with....................................................................

wheels, two front's and a rear.

lush, four-pot brembo caliper off a ducati, the disc is a 280mm fixed directly to wheel with no carrier, it needs to be a floater so will be changed for a 320mm, must admit it looks the bollock's but........................

some you win, some you lose, caliper clouts spokes on wheel when centred on disc, need to either space disc off wheel or make a dished carrier so it clears but.......................

mz rear spindle fits like a glove, couple of spacers and it's sorted.

frame rails are shortened back to just behind shock mountings, you don't need a mudguard, rear light, number plate just a lightweight racing seat unit. [marker tape is just a guide for cutting]

battery box bites the dust, going to run a pvl kart ignition so battery is history, got to get as much weight off the bike as possible.

you remove everything two-inches below the swinging arm mountings, when was the last time you saw a centre stand on a racing bike?

mr frame, meet mr hacksaw.

sweet little seat unit needs a lot of 'massaging' to fit.

honda rs 125 moto-gp seat unit, this one is from the 2004 bike, they knock one out in autoclaved carbon fibre too but it costs more than the donor bike so this one's just plain old fibreglass.

rear view of frame and seat unit, got some happy hours in the shed cutting and filing fibregass to get it to fit, then there's the mounting brackets to fab, no welding allowed on the frame so that should be good fun then trying to find how to bolt it on.