another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 4 April 2010

left hand, [gear change] hanger, chain drilled to [well-rough], shape, note bush at bottom to allow for actuating arm, copied directly from my ducati, sue me.

after yesterdays cock up making two rearset mountings the same i got back in the shed and got stuck in, finished the right hand mounting and roughed out the gear change bracket complete with boss for the gearchange pivot, this is five hours worth of work, no wonder i'm struggling to get it done with everyday, normal life getting in the way, even when i go to bed i'm trying to find solutions, at least i've got the football tomorrow so i can forget about motorcycles.

the finished right hand, [rear brake lever], rearset hanger, when i say finished i mean to say that i still have to mill down, make a bush and fit the modified cagiva mito brake lever, make the mountings for the master cylinder and reservoir, make a footpeg, [or four, it's a racer, i'm going to crash and break them and need spares], so, yeah, it's not finished, had an hour working out the seat to footpeg height, measured the ducati, measured the sporty and tried to get the peg as high as possible for gound clearance but still be able to operate it with reasonable comfort.