another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

more give up, his original had the word 'never' added to it by another street artist so he reclaimed it by covering the never and added the heart. i really like this guy.

been listening to the classic 'pink flag' post punk album by wire tonight, saw them at the rescue rooms earlier this year, still brilliant.

super-cool chopper, real old school, green metalflake, tiny chopped tank, fishtails pointing at the sky, lonnnnng risers with apes, no headlight, no front brake, bad-ass bike.

vintage racer, not sure about the number 2, it looks like one of those stick on one's from wilko that your nan would put on her wheelie bin but check out his 1000 yard stare, he's ready to race.

1971 shovelhead, really like this photo, just sitting at the side of the road shooting the shit, check out the guy on the right, afro and glasses combo, he looks like curtis mayfield.

exploited ,punk skull with mohican, mint.