another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 25 June 2010

i'm off to cadwell park tomorrow, [saturday], the mz racers are there at round 5 of the club championship, not racing my bike unfortunately as it's not ready yet but i need to go and meet the lads have a recce mission and get some advice, 'phoned des davies #42 and arranged to get the skinny, cheers des.

had a great afternoon today, in work early-doors and out of there for 1400 hrs, grab an egg-mayo sandwich and in to 'secondskin' for a session with ben, watched the brazil-portugal match while waiting and my mate stevie 'mucka' marsh turns up on his dyna, clean as a pin and twice as shiny, mucka had been into work to see me this morning and somehow the conversation had turned to birthdays, [it's mine on tuesday, 51, my race number!], steve chucked a hd t-shirt at me, 'happy birthday milky', [don't ask], chuffed with that, cheers mate, the next three hours go in a flash, piss-taking, tea-drinking and baiting the traffic wardens and shouting at the punters sneaking into the local knocking shop across the road, oh yeah, i also ended up with the outline for my next piece down my ribs.