another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 29 May 2010

barse and gordie payed us a visit this afto, crap day in derbyshire, raining heavily most of the day, dangerous trapped about 1300 hrs, barse and gordie half an hour later, drank numerous cups of tea and eating choccy biscuits in the shed, catching up, talking bollocks, having the crack, [craic for all our northern ireland mates!], decided to drop my '51' race number on the seat unit, green, sticky back background, easy job, no, it wasn't, i cut around ten paper patterns out, none of them fitted properly, went in to the kitchen to make another brew and saw a pie-dish that jess had left out on the worktop, perfect, drew around it and cut it out, could i get it to stick on without any creases or bubbles, could i bollocks, three hours later this is the end product, looks ok, now i have to get the other side symmetrical.

'our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. existing is where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, form is emptiness. that all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, emptiness is form, one should not think that these are two seperate things', from hagakure- the book of the samurai by yamamoto tsunetomo, cutting my bamboo down in the garden last night i was aware of mr and mrs blackbird getting very agitated, the dogs were out with me and the birds were landing on the lawn and getting chased off by the boy's, strange, can't just be after worms after i had raked?, then i saw it, birds nest in the bamboo, day old chick and an unhatched egg, hanging at a dangerous angle after i had chopped the supporting branches away, shit, i picked the nest up and wedged it into the middle of the bamboo, got the dogs in and watched from the kitchen window, mrs blackbird was straight back onto the nest, emptiness is form.

the devil is in the details, earl's performance aluminium 'p'clip to hold rear brake hose, better than a tie-wrap.

seat unit and tank on, no polish on them, mad john's not happy with the finish on the tank so he's coming over bank holiday monday to machine glaze polish it, don't know why but this is the bloke who used to paint bentleys and rolls royces for a living and so he must be able to see something i can't, all i know is that it's a better finish than any other bikes i've had, pity it's going to get ruined by me throwing it up the track.