another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 29 May 2010

barse and gordie payed us a visit this afto, crap day in derbyshire, raining heavily most of the day, dangerous trapped about 1300 hrs, barse and gordie half an hour later, drank numerous cups of tea and eating choccy biscuits in the shed, catching up, talking bollocks, having the crack, [craic for all our northern ireland mates!], decided to drop my '51' race number on the seat unit, green, sticky back background, easy job, no, it wasn't, i cut around ten paper patterns out, none of them fitted properly, went in to the kitchen to make another brew and saw a pie-dish that jess had left out on the worktop, perfect, drew around it and cut it out, could i get it to stick on without any creases or bubbles, could i bollocks, three hours later this is the end product, looks ok, now i have to get the other side symmetrical.

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