another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 July 2013

green leaf volatiles

that smell you get from new mown grass is apparently caused by the trauma of the blade hitting the stem, the plants release a volatile organic compound called g.l.v's or green leaf volatiles, the rush of chemicals is a defence action triggered by the trauma to the leaf, the compounds stimulate new cells at the site of the wound, they inhibit fungal growth and act as a natural anti-biotic, don't know about that but i know it smell's good, me and dangerous headed out at 1100hrs, down to mallory park for no other reason other than there's a good cafe there, the forty miles passes quickly, my sporty is behaving badly, coughing, spluttering and generally a pain in the arse at 'town speed's' open roads?, fine, thirty miles an hour? i want to set it on fire and claim the insurance money, i'm fucked off, fifty to eighty?, sweeter than a very sweet thing, the cafe's shut, we park up and wander down into the paddock, there's the usual smattering of rich blokes with motorhomes, tyre warmer's and more gear than the average b.s.b paddock, strutting around , baseball capped and downloading 'data' on their laptop's and then there's a load of blokes and ladies just having a laugh and a good time, riding their bikes around mallory park as fast as they can, amongst the usual suspects i spy a bmw boxer twin, beautiful, well prepared and sorted, top notch equipment and obviously well sorted, i track him down in the paddock, really nice bloke, he's got a load of money into his bike but what really struck me was the comment he came out with, 'i just wanted to build something that would worry the japper's you know?' yeah, i know that, it's easy to buy a blade, zx10, blah, blah, blah, but, well, there's just something brilliant about harrasing them on an old man's tourer, over to sweary micks for a brew and a piece of mr's mick's  freshly baked jam sponge cake, lovely, over to sweary-mick's -mate-rob's,  more tea and a look at his goldstar and his briliant suzuki gs 550 four 'b.s.a' dohc build, sorry about the quality of the photo's but just have a look at this, you would pass it by at a show because it just looks 'standard' beeza, a credit to rob for such a build, more fuel, third tankfull this afto, long way home and drop the oil on the sporty, i sit in the shade of the shed, up-and-over-door open, quaffing an ice cold 'staro' and watching the dirty oil pool into the old gravy tray that i use for a drain tin, hot oil and barley, is there a better smell in the world? [apart from new mown grass, did you know that volatile organics........]