another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 14 May 2012

boxer racer project

monday night, off to the badlands, the other side of derby to see johnny owd bollocks to get my header pipes welded up, after ten minutes of taking the michael about the capping pieces i made up, the purging gas is on, the tig spark's into life and before i've finished my tea, the job's a good 'un, johnny old bollocks is a real character, ex scrambles rider, ['not fucking motocross or fucking mx youth, it's scrambling'] ex roadracer, [sweary mick loves to tell the tale of john losing the back-end of his goldstar at oulton park when his oil tank gave up the ghost and he broke his arm in the inevitable crash, 'he might be a good scrambler youth but even owd bollock's couldn't get the back-end straight!' john has a great collection of machines, keith flint, [the prodigy singer] mint ducati 916, a methanol burning jawa 500 single in a mettise frame, an immaculate kevin shwantz replica gixxer thou and three triumph engined rickman mettise, yep, three, 'i like fucking about in the shed building the triumph's, i'd rather be out here than watching the telly'.............amen to that o.b.