another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

thought this was a single cylinder racer 'til i noticed the indicators and headlight, bet this can embarrass a lot of big jappers through the bends.

'mitsukini defying the skeleton spectre' kuniyoshi utagawa.

kenny coolbeth, #1.

another photo from donington norton day, i spent ages talking to this danish guy, the engine is a commando in a norton 'big four' frame, the girders are from a second world war german bike, the headlamp is massey-ferguson tractor, the oil tank is two welded together from some british lightweight two-stroke, the gear lever is drilled with a tie-wrap through the hole and around the footpeg because, 'i'm shick oft the fucken thing fallen off and haven to shtop the bike and run into the road to pick it up', i gave him a hand to tighten the footpegs back on as they too had fallen to the dreaded vibration, he had packed up his tent and gear and was steadily working his way through tins of fosters. he was riding back to harwich to catch the ferry later that night, mad.