another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 13 November 2015

not a ducati tt replica.

i really need help me. i've had sleepless nights after last weekends trip to cadwell park for the british supermoto finale, every day scouring the interweb for a potential victim, sorry i mean 'donor' bike. insomnia, a heavy dose of man-flu and copious amounts of alcohol and cold and flu remedies not helping the cause. only due to the timely intervention of my beloved mrs b, the scottish bint, saves me from sending a load of money to an anonymous eastern european scammer, like the man said, if it's too good to be true then it probably is, oh and a wasted trip to a well known motorcycle dealer to buy a bike. it's half past five on a november afternoon, they shut at six, i've got five hundred notes burning a hole in my arse pocket ready to put down on a bike as a deposit, there are at a rough guess? three hundred machines in the showroom. i reckon theres ten staff, milling around, clock watching and waiting to shut up shop and the only customers are me, dangerous and chalky, i ask them to knock a hundred quid off  the bike, [that needs a pair of new tyres, the ones on the bike are shagged, used for commuting and squared off],  not a fucking chance! really? i'm stunned, i can't see anyone queueing up to buy a bike here! it's november, it's dark, cold and very, very wet, the bike i'm looking at is covered with a light covering of dust and grease, it's been here a while, can they really afford to turn down my offer? well, yes, apparently they can. it's all kidology when you buy a bike, but, to say i was stunned, squeeze me? baking powder? fuck 'em. i stropped off like russell brand, [well, a fat, late-fifty year old russell brand, with no hair, no beard, no skinny fit jeans and a better understanding of politics than aforesaid rich tosser courting the corbynister's....] anyway, back to reality. there are good people out there. spike at ragged edge racing is up there with the best, quick phone call to ask if he can make me a ducati tt f1 top fairing, [not going to hide that lovely engine] and a tt f2 seat unit, both in 'road' weight fibreglass [i'm running 'peaky' primarily as a trackday tool, but, i want to stick a 'daytime' mot on it so i can run some cheeky miles on the road and don't want flimsy, race weight stuff.] spike isn't fazed, doesn't even ask me for a deposit, just emails me to let me know it's ready, a true craftsman. the fairing, screen and seat turn up three weeks later, to say i'm stunned with them is an underestimate, perfect shape, weight and finish, spike seems suprised when i ask what i need to do to paint them, 'just wash them down with some soapy water, dry and your good to go' please, support the true independents, not some tossers trying to sell you merchandise under the banner of a trendy magazine / blogspot / 'lifestyle' show,