another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 15 May 2010

my favourite t -shirt.

after yesterday's disaster i decided to play it cool today, had no intention of riding today, got the garden sorted and chilled in the sunshine with the dogs, plenty of tea and read a couple of copies of 'classic racer', got to 2pm and i hear the weather forecast for sunday, rain, right, thats it, start the sporty up so it warms up while i get my riding kit on, a quick 80 mile blast around the peak district, end up heading towards chesterfield, need a pee so drop into the harley dealership, full of the 'usual suspects', lardy, born again hog members buying overpriced tat like it's going out of fashion, quick look around the bikes and i'm cleaning my visor as i walk to my bike, then i see it, next to the workshop door, from a distance it looks worthy of a second look, flat track stylee with an evel paint job, start to look around it and notice the serious beringer brake caliper, lockwire and mounting for a transponder, the engine bore and stroke painted on the crankcases, 17 inch wire wheels with intermediate tyres, ask the workshop guy who's bike it is, apparently one of their mechanics races it but he wasn't working today so couldn't get the full skinny on it, love the 'bro' harley davidson beer chiller holding the catch bottle for spilt fluids, racer on the road, got a tax disc bolted on, great to find a bike like this instead of the usual identikit ujm's out there, so you got rim tape on your wheels, big deal.