another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 28 July 2013

for maddened prophets

i like my own company me, i like time on my own, you are never more on your own than when you are riding a motorcycle, i headed out late afternoon, the ever present storm clouds threatening a right royal drenching, waterproof's are for wimps, it's hot and humid and stormy and if you get wet, well, it's better being wet and warm than wet and cold, open face lid then, as i head out north the roads are wet, traffic is light, the sky's darken as the cloud level and temperature drop's, the cattle are lying down and the bird's stop singing, it's coming, you can feel it in the air, a big storm, i can hear it rumbling in the distance, that low, steady noise, flashes of lightning spark across the horizon, i stop to wipe my glasses, the spray off the roads, dead flies and general road filth  combined with my salty tear's make vision forward's difficult, i spit on my glasses to clean them and look at my bike, what was i thinking of? the seat need's pulling in four inches forwards, as i ride home i feel backward's, yep, i can lose four inches easily by moving the seat forward, that's on the list of job's to do then and i want to run a number board with a headlight instead of the poxy bates copy, i set off and the storm hit's with a vengeance, that old saying? 'cat's and dog's?' i'm soaked within second's, i'm even having trouble breathing the storm is that intense, would i have it any other way? let me think about it..........nah, all i can think about is moving that fucking seat forward's......

Saturday, 27 July 2013

come together

primal scream, what a brilliant band, the screamedelica album has to be one of the best lp's ever, track six, 'come together' oh my goodness, 'this is a beautiful day, it is a new day, we are all together, we are unified and all for the cause, because together we got power, today on this program you will hear gospel and rythm and blues and jazz, all these are just labels, we know music is music, come together as one...' the mz's are at donington park this weekend, be rude not to check out some of my old mucker's, andy smith, #51 left me a weekend pass at security so i set off around mid-morning today, security give me a hard time but i eventually blag my way into the race paddock with a story about having some ignition part's for andy's race bike, fucking jobsworth's, i soon spy the 'smiley face' acid house flag that denotes the mz racers, i spot des davies almost immediately, 'des davies, well, i live and breathe' it's like i've never been away, instant piss-taking all round, i get changed into my short's and vest, chuck my riding gear into the back of joe's van and we catch up, andy smith, [the bloke who bought my bike soon spot's my big, bald dome going red in the hot july sunshine and we spend some time catching up] andy is flying this season on the ex-loveless machine, i'm really touched that he's still flying the old 'loveless engineering' sticker's on his bike, chris palmer, [we are not worthy, brilliant racer, massive life threatening accident at cadwell park, proper helicopter ride and all that malarkey but still supporting the two-stroke massive and totally dedicated to the m-zedder's], good to catch up with brian and chris roger's too, some class racing going on, heart in the mouth moment when des outbraked everyone into the hairpin twenty-five miles per hour quicker than the rest of the boy's, a really good afternoon, but, the bastard's got me going, i had offer's of riding bikes, des said 'take mine out boyo, don't know if you can squeeze into my leather's but....' andy smith offered to give me a frame, fork's and the tz 50 wheel's i machined up for him to build a bike, fucking hell, i'm tempted, the two-stroke thing is more addictive than a bag of, well, let's just say 'higher than the sun'.........

Friday, 26 July 2013

miles from nowhere

have you ever seen that classic british film 'scum'? it's about a borstal in england in the late 1970's, [borstal is like a juvenile detention centre, a young offenders jail] the ace face is played by ray winstone, [he was the rocker in 'quadrophenia' you know, that bit in the public bath's where he's singing and phil daniels 'jimmy' tries to sing louder than him? [public bath's? for your information, most of the houses in britain in the late 1950's to early 1960's didn't have a bathroom, instead, you made your way to the local 'bath's' a communal bath-house where, once a week, you could indulge in a full bath instead of a quick rinse in a hand-bowl or the kitchen sink, can you imagine that nowday's? buying a house without a bathroom and a thundertrap at the end of the garden? ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world, miles from nowhere, it's up for sale apparently, the present owner is retiring, i fear for it in the future, malc has poured his heart and soul into it in the past, running everything from the three regular bike-nights to car cruises, volkswagen meetings, streetfighter rally's, hot-rod and custom car shows and scooter rally's, auto-jumbles, swap-meet's and everything in-between, from fetish shows to rock and roll weekender's, i reckon 'miles from nowhere's' days might be numbered, i can see nothing but a boarded up old pub next to the canal, it's the worst time in the world to be buying into a pub, so, there you go? until the inevitable happens, heres some pics from monday night, would you really want to be anywhere else in the world than derbyshire on a monday night? california? pwfaaahh!  eat me, brisbane? so passe, london? fuck right off you bunch of southern poser's, derbyshire, we got it going on, big time, visit sometime, [just be aware you may receive a head-butt at any time if you step out of line, fucker.......]

Thursday, 25 July 2013

vintage motor cycle club, founders day, part two

so, here we go again, a load of photo's [just scratching the surface mind] of the bikes i'd like to take home with me, let me clarify, me and dangerous, barse and the boy's have a little game we play when we attend a rally, show, meeting, bike night, blah, blah, blah, obvious as it seems it's called ' ok, 'which bike would you take home with you?' well, here's my choice cut's from the weekend, from lambretta scooter, oh my, how cool does this man and his sweetheart look astride this beauty?, the little raleigh bicycle framed ducati engined 'cicco' moped from 1948? the norton p11 desert racers? the xt 500 rocking those teeny 17 inch rims to take advantage of modern rubber [like i've done on the sporty, doesn't it look right? but bollocks to that, when you see how far over he's had it on the road tyres, sometimes forsaking the the off-road, knobbly look pay's dividends and i bet this bloke doesn't give a shit because he's far too busy having a blast, the ducati superlight? i'm in love me, stunning, the harley sidevalves? [hate posting pictures of them but this pair have got it going on in my opinion, the ariel? norton commando in white? ural sidecar combo? vincents? [i love standing at shows and saying in a really loud voice 'that fucker would look great with a little mustang tank and ape-hangers' absolutely guaranteed to cause apoplexy in the majority of old duffer's standing fawning over these overpriced, poor excuses of a motorcycle] i'd rather have the 750/4 engined/bsa framed mongrel anyday, or the norton domi-racer or one of the flat-tank veterans, but, that's just me, that's the beauty of motorcycling, everyone has an opinion, for me, the afternoon was summed up by the bloke on the mz, i love these little two-stroke east german bikes, at first i thought he was in trouble as he sunk to his knee's and pawed at the grass, 'you ok mate?' i offered up, i seriously thought he was having a heart attack when i heard him cursing, 'oooh!, fucking fuck, bollocks, owww!' ' yeah, cause i'm, alright you twat!  i've just dropped my fucking ignition key in the grass and i'm fucked if i can see it............'

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

vintage motor cycle club, founders day, part one

you must excuse me, i'm  lagging behind on my posts, i'm far too busy riding my motorcycle, attending events and enjoying the sunshine to be sitting behind a keyboard, i'll try and catch up as i have a bit of a backlog at the moment, this post isn't in chronological order so bear with me and i'll get them up as soon as possible, the first sunday after the legendary 'festival of a 1000 bikes' see's dangerous and me setting off mid morning to the vintage motorcycle club annual 'founder's day rally' in rural leicestershire, it's a warm but overcast morning, low cloud but warm, misty and with a steady drizzle as we set off for the fifty+ mile meander down to stanford hall, it's really pleasant actually after the oppressive heat and humidity of the past week, out through the market garden town of melbourne, it starts to rain, 'its only a shower' i tell myself, it rains heavier, the sky darkens and a low mist descends, there's the odd low rumble of distant thunder, the traffic is light and i turn back to look at dangerous as we stop at a set of traffic lights, he has a broad stupid grin across his face and we burst out laughing, only team loveless would get caught in a full on almost tropical storm after the best weather of the year, i gun it away from the light's, the back tyre stepping to the side on the greasy road and the rooster tail of water hitting me fair and square in the face off my mudguard free, [i refuse to say 'fender' i'm english for fuck's sake and while were at it stick your 'triple tree's' up your bum too, there called yokes, always were, always will be] front wheel, i get that slow, wet creeping thing going on in the crotch area, that feeling that only someone who rides a motorcycle knows, at fist you are unsure if that feeling is actually happening, it starts around the mid-thigh area and slowly but surely works it way upwards until the inevitable occurs and it's too late to put your waterproofs on or, like me, you wish you had bungeed your waterproofs onto your bars 'just in case' we stop at another set of lights and i notice for the first time dangerous is wearing his over-trousers and full-face helmet, no wonder he's laughing, i'm leather jeaned and open-faced helmeted, piss wet through, water running off my yellow-lensed-works-issue-safety-glasses but, hey, i'm looking cool as fuck, hey -ho here we go on through pegg's green and past mallory park for the third weekend in a row, instead of heading into hinckley [the home of the modern day triumph] we head through barwell and ride down the 'b' roads to lutterworth, the storm subsides and as we ride down the lane to sandford hall i get transfixed by the giant propellors of the wind farm, i can hear the 'swooosh, swwwooosh, swoooshh' of the giant blades as they spin through their axis, correct me if i'm wrong but were they there last year or did i just fail to notice them?, entry fee paid and park up, wring out clothes and wander off to search out a brew, it takes us an age just to get out of the rows of bikes parked up, there's something worth stopping and studying every few bikes, its just one of those places i guess, just loads of interesting bikes everywhere, just take a look at this brief snapshot, every bike is special and 'unique' in some way, from the honda ss50 'sixteener', never had an oil cooler fitted as standard and possibly hints at a hidden race kit buried within?, the norton 'es4'? a 1010cc monster of a bike, based on two 500cc es2 heads mated to a common crankcase, everything below the cylinder heads is home made, yep, the cams, crankshaft and shafts, the frame and swinging arm? yep, ditto, pure, eccentic brilliance, i love it me, what about the ariel arrow four? admit it, you didn't even notice did you? bsa single special with jap running gear? the best nor-vin you've ever seen? what's happening with the 'double-knocker' ohc special? and check out the triton too, yep, it's got red h.t.leads, ok sorry but it's still a lovely bike, i know i've said it before but all the way home i was singing the roy harper song, 'one of those days in england...........'