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Friday, 26 July 2013

miles from nowhere

have you ever seen that classic british film 'scum'? it's about a borstal in england in the late 1970's, [borstal is like a juvenile detention centre, a young offenders jail] the ace face is played by ray winstone, [he was the rocker in 'quadrophenia' you know, that bit in the public bath's where he's singing and phil daniels 'jimmy' tries to sing louder than him? [public bath's? for your information, most of the houses in britain in the late 1950's to early 1960's didn't have a bathroom, instead, you made your way to the local 'bath's' a communal bath-house where, once a week, you could indulge in a full bath instead of a quick rinse in a hand-bowl or the kitchen sink, can you imagine that nowday's? buying a house without a bathroom and a thundertrap at the end of the garden? ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my world, miles from nowhere, it's up for sale apparently, the present owner is retiring, i fear for it in the future, malc has poured his heart and soul into it in the past, running everything from the three regular bike-nights to car cruises, volkswagen meetings, streetfighter rally's, hot-rod and custom car shows and scooter rally's, auto-jumbles, swap-meet's and everything in-between, from fetish shows to rock and roll weekender's, i reckon 'miles from nowhere's' days might be numbered, i can see nothing but a boarded up old pub next to the canal, it's the worst time in the world to be buying into a pub, so, there you go? until the inevitable happens, heres some pics from monday night, would you really want to be anywhere else in the world than derbyshire on a monday night? california? pwfaaahh!  eat me, brisbane? so passe, london? fuck right off you bunch of southern poser's, derbyshire, we got it going on, big time, visit sometime, [just be aware you may receive a head-butt at any time if you step out of line, fucker.......]


  1. You can't expect any society to embrace the notion of bodily cleanliness overnight Lovey, it was bound to take some time . . . sad days mate, at least you've still got some history around you, we've got fucking zip here on the Goldy mate, all of it, gone, why would you want to maintain a conduit to the past when you can whack up another shopping mall or a golf course . . . fuckers!! Nice wee RGV, ah, remember the days when you couldn't start riding a 650 Bonnie as a beginner but could go out and a strap yourself onto one of those, legislators, what a genius mob. Happy travels mucker. XX

  2. They say owners start to resemble their pets, or is that vice versa? Scrappy, bitin' head buttin' out of my way, we got things to tear up round here sorta, grrrranimals...
    Gotta say, your town seems to have a lot going on. Hope some one buys the joint and keeps it rolling.