another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 17 January 2011

so, after the big weekend clean-up and shed re-organistion, it was back to work on the sporty, the original filler on the fuel tank is pressed into an apperture in the top and welded into position, the weld leaves a ridge which has to be carefully removed with a dremel and carbide bit to allow the quick-filler to sit flush, the original welded filler has to be cut back to give enough room for the mounting screws which sit, [as you can see in the second photo], very close to the edge of the hole, it takes a bit of work to grind to shape with a small stone wheel in the drill as the metal is really too thin to file for fear of denting the tank, quick rub up with emery to finish and drill the mounting holes, [i used a centre drill to pilot the holes and then a 4mm hss bit and just gently clean up with a round file to give clearance for the screws] if you look carefully at photo 2 you can see where the original filler was welded into the tank, you have to be really careful when drilling the new mounting holes in case the drill 'wanders' into the groove and throws your centres out, bit of a squeeky bum moment but i reckon the result is worth it.

after getting the lathe into position we soon realised that we needed a major re-organisation to fit everything in the shed, we have three bikes in there, the sporty, the bonny and the mz racer, the sporty and bonny are in the middle of being rebuilt and we had parts from both bikes strewn around the floor, the bench for the pillar drill and grinder needed moving to accomodate the lathe and we had tools all over the floor and bench, we started the big clean up saturday night and finished sunday tea time, not a lot of progress on the bikes granted, but well worth the effort for the room we've gained,[that's jess, my daughter, in the second photo, she's raiding the secret choccy stash that we keep hidden in the filing cabinet]