another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 15 January 2016

mardy, drunken rant. [part one]

what's happening people? where's the spark, where's the crack? what's happening in the blogosphere? everyone just seems to be more interested in making money / selling merchandise / saying 'hey, look at me! look how interesting my life is! look how cool i am/my friends are/my bike is/my show/my designer emporium' where's the creativity? where's the idea's? the help? the communication? what happened to the undergound? it just became the 'norm' the 'same as it ever was' taken over by money grabbing tossers with an eye to making a shilling and fucking over everyone else. almost every blog i read has a link to a 'merch' page, what the fuck! what happened to offending people? we have just become too 'politically correct' i don't mean offending 'real' people, just the 'tinterweb toss-pot's pedalling so-called 'kool' to the easily led masses. like anyone gives two-fuck's what i think. i wish i was a big robot so i could jump on the bastards...... [tim bailey- aged 7 and a half]