another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 8 November 2009

doc forest, ozuma kanami.

grrr, aaaa.

jarno saarinen.

back protectors, full face helmets, air-bag leathers, re-hydration packs, tyre warmers, brolly-dollies, articulated lorries with mobile workshops, tyre technicians, visor technicians, motivational psychologists, data-loggers, sponsors, corporate hospitality suites, all the modern day moto-gp paraphenalia that means fuck -all compared to this picture of jarno saarinen racing amongst the sand-bagged trees in the 1971 russian grand-prix, maximum respect.

i really like concept bikes, it's a shame the manufactures aren't brave enough to get them out on the street rather than the bland look-a-likey bikes that they put out, you can't tell what they are without looking at the decal on the tank, this benelli is a cool looking tool with the little solo racing seat and the twin stacked mega's, the 'jarno' designation is a nice tribute to the late jarno sarrinen the finnish roadracer who sadly died in a racing accident in 1973.

punk rock girl.

new english library classic biker pulp fiction.