another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 3 December 2009

went down to the stockholders to get a slab of dural for the top yoke for the racer, 10"x 5" x 35mm, [ok, i know, i'm mixing metric and imperial], "£74 plus vat mate", "you're having a laugh mate, i'll leave it ta", down the scrappy's and i get a 3 x 2 foot slab for 20 quid, drop it on the miller and it's good quality dural, result, me and dangerous are off to the nec tomorrow at birmingham, good day out, lot's of piss taking and sitting on the ducati's, love it when the salesmen squirm, going to nick loads of calenders off the carole nash stand and say 'have you seen me? to the girls who give them out, big weekend, home to west brom saturday and then off to see gallows at the bell after with the lads, got a feeling saturday might be a late one.

'and the award for the most blurry photo of the year goes to............. mr loveless!' you get the idea, lightened smoothed bottom yoke, needs a bit of filing and wet and dry to finish.

bottom yoke get's some therapy, the pig-ugly headlight mounting is gone and here the casting window is being milled because it lightens the yoke and it looks trick which must be worth a few bhp?

back in the shed and things are moving forward, been caning the mz racing site, cannot thank the lad's on the forum enough, really helpful, the whole dynamic of the build has changed from having a laugh to the realisation that we need to get this thing sorted properly, old habits die hard and i can't race a nail so finish work and into the shed to nitromors the shit brush painted fork bottoms, the casting seams in the foreground are history, dropped them on the miller and a couple of hour's with a bit of wet and dry and they look a bit more business like, just got to remember to rinse my toothbrush out before the morning............................................

my mate adam who i work with, has just had second sitting on his tattoo, it's a copy of a japanese woodblock scene from the 47 ronin, he's having four scenes from the book around his [little fat thigh's!], he went straight from work' [still got his hi-vis on], i was next in having some work done on my chest panel, ben, our tattooist wiped his leg down and we had the crack about him enjoying it a little too much, not a good idea when you are just about to get drilled, he hammered the fuck out of my collarbone, i love tattoo's!

mint honda step-through custom, thanks stuka! check out his blogspot, arsehole customs, lot's of cool shit going on here!