another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 3 December 2009

went down to the stockholders to get a slab of dural for the top yoke for the racer, 10"x 5" x 35mm, [ok, i know, i'm mixing metric and imperial], "£74 plus vat mate", "you're having a laugh mate, i'll leave it ta", down the scrappy's and i get a 3 x 2 foot slab for 20 quid, drop it on the miller and it's good quality dural, result, me and dangerous are off to the nec tomorrow at birmingham, good day out, lot's of piss taking and sitting on the ducati's, love it when the salesmen squirm, going to nick loads of calenders off the carole nash stand and say 'have you seen me? to the girls who give them out, big weekend, home to west brom saturday and then off to see gallows at the bell after with the lads, got a feeling saturday might be a late one.

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