another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

boxer racer project

top photo is the trick little 'domino' combined start / run / stop / kill switch that arrived today, i first saw one of these on one of the harley xr1200 sportsters in the bsb support races last season, harris knock them out for nearly fifty quid a punt, i got this one, exactly the same for less than £30, it's a quality bit of kit and could be the answer to a lot of project's or trackbike problems, nice and neat and also save's your expensive o.e.m. switches if your a regular trackdayer, we worked out the angle of the brake and gear lever's by the age old method of me sitting on the bike and dangerous marking the actuating rod with a marker pen once i had my feet in a comfortable position, i made up the swan-necked gearchange rod out of a piece of 6mm stainless roundstock, made an angle finder out of a welding rod and cold-bent it to shape in the miller vice,  tapped the stock to lenght but left a little thread both end's to leave some adjustment if i'm not happy with the lever angles and to lock off the rosejoint's with a 6mm nut exhaust hanger bracket's to mount the megga's from, just swapped the bolt's holding the footpeg's for stud's and nut's so we can swap them quicker in the event of a spill, there's almost nothing so cathartic as taking a rough grade emery to some nice shiny chrome and rubbing away the plating to prepare for a coat of matt black rattle can is there?