another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 27 January 2011

alan shepherd on the works mz, silverstone 1962, how things have changed, no brolly-dolly for alan, just his trusty duffel coat to fend off the elements, no helmet or visor technicians, pudding basin and goggles the order of the day and check out the leathers, don't think i would like to be racing around silverstone on a temperamental two stroke on those avon speedmasters either thanks.

be prepared to be confused, the original sporty bars are one-inch diameter but i want to junk the original 'lego', chunky, switchgear and horrible master cylinder and brake levers, i bought some japper stuff from the local breakers and cleaned them up, [see earlier posts] and they look pretty cool, unfortunately the jap controls are seventh-eighths diameter, so, i pulled a pair of aluminium renthals out of my stock to fit, i needed a pair of handlebar top-yoke clamps to fit them, frenchy had bought a pair of trick, black anodized renthal items but, unknown to him, they are inch and one eighths diameter because they were originally fitted to a motocrosser with fat tapered bars, so, surplus to requirements he donated them to the sporty project, now we have the lathe up and running it was an easy job to turn a couple of reducer sleeves so we can fit the seventh-eighth bars, just got to carefully hacksaw them in half now, result.