another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 31 July 2010

trophy on e-bay, saturday night bike-porn.

#30, dangerous dave crofts, 248 ducati, sticking it up 'em since 1964.

dangerous dropped another race programe off today, he's in it, there's a bloke called john cooper from derby in it, racing at the same meeting, you might have heard of him, he beat some italian bloke called agostini at mallory in what a lot of people reckoned was one of the best races ever

the lads look on in disbelief as i fuck up my bid on e-bay for a spare 250 mz engine, i'm a luddite when it comes to computers, i'm confident i'm going to score a 251 etz motor for £80 and i hold off my bid until 30 seconds before the end of the auction, i press my bid button laughing as i confirm......... only to discover i'm not logged in, twat.....

cadwell, two weeks, entry in to bemsee, i'm buzzing!