another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 27 July 2013

come together

primal scream, what a brilliant band, the screamedelica album has to be one of the best lp's ever, track six, 'come together' oh my goodness, 'this is a beautiful day, it is a new day, we are all together, we are unified and all for the cause, because together we got power, today on this program you will hear gospel and rythm and blues and jazz, all these are just labels, we know music is music, come together as one...' the mz's are at donington park this weekend, be rude not to check out some of my old mucker's, andy smith, #51 left me a weekend pass at security so i set off around mid-morning today, security give me a hard time but i eventually blag my way into the race paddock with a story about having some ignition part's for andy's race bike, fucking jobsworth's, i soon spy the 'smiley face' acid house flag that denotes the mz racers, i spot des davies almost immediately, 'des davies, well, i live and breathe' it's like i've never been away, instant piss-taking all round, i get changed into my short's and vest, chuck my riding gear into the back of joe's van and we catch up, andy smith, [the bloke who bought my bike soon spot's my big, bald dome going red in the hot july sunshine and we spend some time catching up] andy is flying this season on the ex-loveless machine, i'm really touched that he's still flying the old 'loveless engineering' sticker's on his bike, chris palmer, [we are not worthy, brilliant racer, massive life threatening accident at cadwell park, proper helicopter ride and all that malarkey but still supporting the two-stroke massive and totally dedicated to the m-zedder's], good to catch up with brian and chris roger's too, some class racing going on, heart in the mouth moment when des outbraked everyone into the hairpin twenty-five miles per hour quicker than the rest of the boy's, a really good afternoon, but, the bastard's got me going, i had offer's of riding bikes, des said 'take mine out boyo, don't know if you can squeeze into my leather's but....' andy smith offered to give me a frame, fork's and the tz 50 wheel's i machined up for him to build a bike, fucking hell, i'm tempted, the two-stroke thing is more addictive than a bag of, well, let's just say 'higher than the sun'.........


  1. I love a Bailey Sunday sermon, too good me old mucker, beautifully woven musical threads, it's all music brotherman, brilliantly succinct. XX

  2. The motors on those bikes remind me of speedway bikes, very purposeful (is there such a word?)
    looking...serious looking .

  3. Do it! You know it makes sense. And two-smoke is just the way, racing was meant to be: light, loud and a tad anti-social.

    (Contemplating about a MZ 250 for next year as well...)