another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 9 August 2013

road trip

 five hundred miles, i've driven five hundred miles today, i've laughed until i nearly cried, spunked over a hundred quid on diesel, dined on egg and cress and salmon and cucumber sanwiches, drank three bottles of water, drank a macdonalds coffee, a macdonalds tea, sang along to the rolling stones, oasis, sister sledge, the small faces, sly and the family stone and jimmy hendrix, eaten home-made jam sponge cake, sang along to lionel ritchie, the clash, some old school rave tunes, smiths, style council, bob marley, bought a bike and picked up a classic race bike along the way, seen some great scenery, sang along to some who, smashing pumpkins, steve hillage and roxy music, public enemy, pixies, paul weller and neneh cherry,pastot tl barrett and the youth for christ choir, days like this make it all worthwhile.....


  1. Ahem, ...........cough, pics, ..............cough!

  2. Added a nubile young calf to the herd , eh loveless?

    Any day with Sister Sledge and Jimi is a good one.