another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 16 August 2013

donington classic festival-part four

'ey up dangerous dave, i've had an idea' 'prey tell then timmy loveless, what idea do you have forsooth?' 'let's cut up both of sweary mick's aermacchi singles and make a twin out of them' 'timmy, you really are a blithering idiot sometimes, it's already been done, lino tonti, the famous italian designer responsible for benelli's, mondials, gilera's and bianchi's has already done it, he made a bike out of mostly stock aermacchi parts for the top-end with a one-off bottom end, realistically two singles twinned to give around 68 bhp @ nine thousand-thousand-eight-hundred revolutions-in-the-minute, a brilliant concept back in the day young lovey, what you saying?' 'fancy an ice cream dave?' 'don't mind if i do, two-flakes, raspberry sauce and chopped nuts on mine youth and by the way, read up on your italian race bike history, dickhead...........'

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  1. You may not remember me . . . but wow, never 'eard of such a thing, two flakes ?? That's just greedy.