another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 6 September 2009

this is one of my dogs, gus is his name, this is a picture of him when he was a puppy, [check out the tv remote control at the side of him for scale], friday night i took him and his bro ted out for the normal tea time walk, let them off in the woods and they did that usual mental jack russell barking, running fighting thing, up the hill towards the stile and i notice a trace of blood on gus's left side, on investigation he has a 2 inch cut in his side, no worries, phone ahead to trish to contact the vet, a couple of stitches and a jab and he will be fine, in the car and down to the vet's, "it's a little more serious i'm afraid" says the vet, my blood chills, it appears a stick has pierced his side, approx. 10mm in diameter, it's glanced off his ribs and entered 130mm into his body but missed vital organs, as he has pulled off the stick it's cut him 50mm in the opposite direction, he has had a lump of damaged tissue removed and a drain fitted to get rid of the blood, he's stitched up now and pretty poorly but the vet thinks he should be ok, gus, the hardest dog in the world- ever.

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