another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 25 December 2014

ducati track bike project [the blind stagger] the queen's speech

you might have seen the last post, you might not, had to delete it because it hadn't loaded properly, [sorry to larry for deleting your comment by the way], truth be told, i haven't been posting much lately due to the fact that my dear wife, the world famous mr's b has been ill over the last few months and has had a rather major operation earlier in the month, posting bollock's and pictures of the bike project / day's out / race meetings / blah, blah, blah soon fades into insignifigance as you can guess. anyhoo, here's some pic's of the progress on the bike, wishing everyone a peaceful and happy xmas, thank's for catching the blog, [jan, larry, chris, nanno, hermit, ed, bench-donkee's andy and anyone else who has posted a comment in the past] if my old mucker, dave, 'dog' william's happen's to read this or anyone who know's him, pass on the message, get in touch you big, red-headed aussie bastard, bikes waiting for you for the classic tt......


  1. Happy Holidays Tim...hope Mrs. B is on the mend...the Ducati is looking usual...the machine work and the carbon fibre...good the cut-away on the pegs...inspiring me to maybe get my ' shed-shop' in better order...looking forward to seeing more...and yes, there is some jealousy involved with your upcoming TT outing.

  2. Wouldn't miss it for the world Tim, hope Mrs B's on the mend! Keep on keeping on!