another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 23 November 2014

ducati trackbike project

dug the sprocket carrier out of the parts bin with all intentions of just gunking it down and wafting with a rattle can, it's a piece you won't even see, after i cleaned off the grease and grit i could see that, at sometime in the bikes history, the chain had jumped the sprockets and twatted the carrier, i set to with some 400 grit wet and dry paper and cleaned up the damage, stuck it in the lathe and machined up the front surface and drilled out some 10mm holes between the strengthening webs in the casting, costs nothing and weighs even less......


  1. Detail stuff like this, is what I love about your projects.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. whittling away at that un-sprung weight (as well as the sprung...)...looking good...Tim can sleep soundly now...

  3. thank you monkeyfumi, appreciate your comments, not everyone gets it i'm afraid! hi larry, thanks man, hope you haven't had too much snow yet in that there northern cali!

  4. It is raining and snowing at last! Here in the 'lowlands' where I am...we rarely get the white stuff...but once in awhile it does snow here. I'm only about a 2 hour drive from snow country...hopefully this years back country skiing will be better than the last 2 'drought years'...from what I've seen it's a bit wet your way...stay dry!