another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

wednesday night, aware that autumn is on the way, the night's are drawing in and the tax on the sporty runs out at the end of the month, i've been so focused on the racer that i need to get out on the road and have a ride, home from work, walk the boys and drag the sporty out of the shed, i'm going on my own tonight, if i go out with dangerous we always end up racing, if i go out with barse we end up standing on the peg's, bumping each other's back tyres and acting like juvenile hooligan's, i head up the other side of carsington reservoir, away from the usual tourist haunts, through the blackwell plantation and stop to take in the view, love it up here, no-one about at this time of day, i head into wirksworth on an unclassified road and spy what look's like a big, standing stone in a field, i stop the bike, climb over the gate and make my way to the huge, slab of limestone, it's very phallus like standing proud in the empty field, i've spent hours looking around the prehistoric sites in derbyshire but this is a new one on me, brilliant, i turn off towards turnditch, the grass is growing through the road surface here, i get my camera out and start the bike, riding along, taking stupid photo's on the move and laughing to myself like a madman, i like this time of year, summer's gone but there's a feeling that everything is good.

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