another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 26 July 2009

ducati sport classic special, i'm digging the matt black zard exhaust, wavy discs, gold wheel rims and no cam belt covers, went out with dangerous saturday, up to mansfield, 617 to newark then back along the 616, totally deserted, nothing on the road, fast, technical road all the way up to junction 30, dropped into hollywood, sorry i mean harleyworld at chesterfield for a tea, mingling with the sad bastards buying t shirts, over to the railway cafe for more tea, toasted tea cakes and a browse at the books, fast ride up froggatt edge, dangerous stomps away uphill with the torque from the bigger engine, my 750 no match for 1000 twin-spark, down into matlock, hoping to see some of the bikes from the rock and blues, same old, same old, row after row of bog-stock jappers and harleys and tatty reliant and vw trikes, boring, what's a matter with you? you don't need to spend a fortune to get a different bike, just give a little thought and time to it, back around carso reservoir and revenge on the hulland to quarndon road, i'm on it at muggington to weston-underwood, the little 750 revving harder and dangerous hates the off-cambers as you drop down past the quarry, 30mph through weston, even though it's a 40 limit and it's personal as we accelerate away towards kedleston hall, through the fast left-right-left uphill section, the double apex right by the farm and i'm late on the brakes into the tight right in the trees before the roller coaster fast downhill past kedleston hall, as i crest the sharp rise near the golf club the 750 goes light on the front end and dangerous is gaining fast, into the slight right left combo and then the superfast left that goes on forever, dangerous is too wide, he's going to have to back off, i've got the line, theres only one line through that corner, up to the 't ' junction, hard on the brakes, front end dipping, back end light, victory is mine.

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