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Sunday, 19 July 2009

kuniyoshi utagawa. we went to the 'state of the art' tattoo convention at the assembly rooms in derby yesterday, i reckon £20 admission is a bit too steep to charge especially as you had to pay an extra £12 to get into the burleque show on top, trish and i gave that one a miss, i had a chat with my mate ben who was tattooing there and he reckoned they were down on numbers compared to last year, i think that you should be able to use your wristband for entry on the sunday too, let's face it not many people are going to shell out another twenty quid but if you could get in for free on the second day you just might spend some of the hard earned on a tattoo or on something off the stores and thats got to be good for the artists and vendors, i reckon they are being a bit greedy, be interesting to see if numbers are down next year both the public and the artists.

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