another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

goodbye america

 fourteen day's gone in a flash, home to dear old blighty, can't be sitting about in the sunshine, dossing on the beach and pissing about in busch gardens riding roller coasters and eating ice-cream, life's too short for that, glad i'm home, america? your company has been pretty average, cheap gas, cold beer, great chocolate, [i love them hershey bars me], sunshine, friendly people, fuck that, get me back to england, rudeness, bad attitudes, cold, rain and low clouds, you don't know what your'e  missing until you get home........


  1. Sharing the love, fucking with peoples heads and taking nice foters, average Bailey, very fucking average !!! XX

  2. Don't understand how a guy with such poor taste in snack foods can have such a fine-looking family.
    The hell with Hershey bars, next trip you need to explore the exiting world of Little Debbie snack cakes.

  3. ***exciting*** ....though "exiting world" may be more appropriate.

  4. dog mucker, knew you'd get it, totally fucking average! mr hermit, i'll be sure to check out little debbie next time i'm 'home' thank's for the tip-off and thanks for the kind comments about the 'family' sheesh, you can buy photo-op's for a couple of dollar's in FL. unfotunately this was all they had available on a hot tuesday afternoon! [warning, warning IRONY approaching, love them all to death really!] 'exiting world of little debbie' you say, some sort of southern death cult perchance? exciting to say the least.....