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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Are you going to be there? (At the Love-In)

Here's my pick, for what it's worth of my favourite cars from the show at BayFest this weekend, the Bentley? Brilliant, a British car in a sea of shit old Yank iron, owned by Brian Johnson of AC/DC fame, don't know if he lives on AMI, I guess he must, otherwise his motor wouldn't be here, a truly beautiful car, made me want to take my shirt off and start shouting, 'who you looking at you mug! Engerlannd, Engerlannd, Engerlaaand, let's fucking 'ave it! Boston Tea Party? Stitch that you c...' Yes, the Coupe is fibreglass, problem? Not in my book daddyo, a really well put together rod, attention to detail and not pretending to be anything it isn't, so it isn't steel, get over it, the workmanship and finish was second to none, I love the cream steel wheels, all to easy to just slap a set of polished aluminium rims on and ruin it, very nice sir, very nice indeed, the Ford Galaxie, yes please, a personal favourite of mine 'you take the fish, I'll take the bowl, you take the dishes, while your at it take my soul, but things aren't so bad, cause I got the galaxy 500.... Yeeeee Haawww!' So, that just leaves the Dodge Super-Bee, I admit it, I almost wet myself when I saw this car, I have never seen one before in the flesh, The term Muscle Car is often over used, not in this case, oh my giddy Aunt..........

Location:Next to the pool, overlooking the lake.

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