another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 August 2009

had a ride out on the sporty yesterday, up the a6, called in at the lion garage for fuel, you forget how good the a6 is, i hit it around 6pm, traffic light, no police, nice, tosser on a japper overtook me in 30 limit going through ambergate, soon caught him up and passed him on the left-hander near the layby, had to be careful, mr weekend warrior was threepenny-bit-in through the bends with his knee out, brand new leathers and brand new bike almost upright when i passed him, scruffy bastard in levis, cat boots and arai with dark visor on a sporty damaging his ego, thoughts of valentino rossi in his brain does not compute when i stick it up the outside of him sporty shaking it's head, wide bars giving it that wwwww, wwwwwobblly thing, he's history, straight through matlock, up past the garden centre at tansley, road deserted, on it now, listening to the bark of the supertrapps off the stone walls, past the rock and blues site and down to the excavator pub, i turn left instead of right and go through ripley, i see the sign for the red, white and blue bnp rally and hang a quick right, i need to check this out, police everywhere, they stare at me as i ride pass the "designated protest point", i look back at them anonymous behind my black visor and full faced arai helmet, the signs of protest are everywhere, broken bottles, ripped banners and rubbish line the road, the police are collecting the traffic cones up, i'm going home to play some soul music, what do the bnp play at their disco's?, no james brown, no sly and the family stone, no jungle, no motown, no northern soul, no marvin gaye, no four tops, no smokey robinson, no temptations, no specials or ska?, pam, let 'em have it baby!

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