another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 31 August 2009

me and dangerous had a ride down to moto-forza the italian bike specialist based at silverstone race circuit on saturday, dangerous had a bee in his bonnett about trading the sport classic in for a superlight, the 900ss ducati special, luckily when we got there the bike was already sold, they made us a cup of tea and dave asked them to value his bike, "i could give you 3 and a half thousand for it2, which would mean that they would want £1500 + dangerous's bike for a 12 year old bike!, granted, it was a 2k mile bike but the tyres needed replacing, [would you fancy riding it with 12 year old rubber on it?], the belts would need replacing as would the rubber brake hoses adding up to another grand on the original price!, sorry, i know we are from derbyshire but even we could see that he was trying to have our pants down. dangerous is keeping his classic. stay tuned for the trackday, daytime mot special based on a 750ss like this one all for the same price as putting moto-forza's superlight back on the road.

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