another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

moto-guzzi racer with dustbin/dolphin fairing, [they refer to them in both context in mick walkers excellent italian racing motorcycles book], the rider may be bill lomas who once owned the shop at milford less than two miles away from my house, spooky.


  1. Not Bill Lomas here but probably Ken Kavanagh another top Guzzi rider at the time of the V8. This is Bill
    He was life president of the Guzzi Club here till he died a couple (?) of years ago. Cracking bloke. I used to pass the shop at Millford every Saturday (at least) in my cycling days. The main shop was at Clay Cross.

    Enjoying checking your stuff. Also born in '59, grew up in the same area, and owner of a load of semi-fuctional Italian V twins from the seventies!

    Cheers, Paul.

  2. paul, thanks for that mate, sorry i don't usually go this far back on the blog but had to check something out i had posted and found your comment, i like the thought of you sitting in your shed with a load of 'semi-functional' italian twins, their great when they are running but a complete bastard when they are playing up! are you still in the area?, thanks again for your kind comments, regards, loveless.