another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 23 January 2010

this is my mate john in his shed with his latest project, it's a kawasaki z650 engine in a home made frame, the rear wheel is two gsxr rims welded together with a car tyre on it, it's so wide that the bike stands up on it's own, no stand required, john's made the swingarm, it's a two-rail construction, the pipes are his too, the gearbox sprocket is running an outrigger sprocket ,like a dragster, to clear the tyre, he's running twin brake calipers on the rear, i love the thought of all these projects being worked on through the winter, long nights in the shed, john's into his classic two-stroke jap's too and is currently restoring a couple of rd 125's as well as working on this animal, oh yeah, his day job is welding the turbine blades on rb211 jet engines for rolls royce.

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