another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 8 January 2010

frame, swinging arm, bottom yoke and wheels are in for powder-coating, engine is up at steve cannon racing for porting work so we are left with all the niggly jobs to get on with, all the mzedders run fork braces so we dug a lump of dural out of the stock bin and dangerous set too carving away with the miller, instead of me standing there with my thumb up my arse i set too on the front forks, a little tip here, tell your missus that she needs more room in the kitchen, move the boiler into the shed and run a radiator off it, positively balmy in there this week, [been working in my shorts ], she will love you for it and you will be toasty, [take note barse and nick, this tip is for you!]


  1. Thats not a mans shed, in a mans shed you've only got a cuppa to keep you warm! me and nick are real shed monkeys

  2. one has to evolve my primate friend, what's a matter, you got boiler envy?, have another banana!, get some posts on! fancy the classic racer show at telford next month?